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Building a house from glued profiled beam

Glued laminated timber – a quality building material.

Glued laminated timber ideally combines the qualities of natural materials and high-tech product. Glued profiled beam

Not made from whole logs and the dried and glued together boards (slats). To produce a set of home

Laminated board in the factory requires from 20 to 40 days. During this time the house will be completely ready for assembly: bar

Protortsovan and cut under the right size, drilled holes for bolts and pins are made gashes connecting nodes. All

Structural elements, including doors and windows, arches, niches, fully furnished, manufactured beams, rafters,

More individual equipment at home. Recommend to order processing and flame retardant protective antiseptic on

Production of wall kit, structural beams, truss construction, and other wooden items. Along with

Beginning of the production houses set on the site work was begun on pouring the foundation, the choice of the type which is

At the design stage.

The direct construction of houses from glued beams is an assembly in the finished basement has a peculiar

Design of wooden parts. As mezhventsovogo insulation used jute tape. High dimensional accuracy

Profile laminated veneer lumber, and build high density makes it unnecessary to use additional insulation joints. Form

Profile prevented from entering between the bars of rain water or snow. This is followed by installation of beams and rafters of sexual


Experts’ cozy home “qualitatively assemble the roof, insulated and will lay it with modern materials, establish

Wooden euro-windows and doors, will perform engineering and finishing works. Building a house from glued beam of 150-200m2

“Turnkey” will take about 90 days.

Construction of the foundations.

The design of the foundation depends on the soil at the site of the freezing depth of soil material from the walls and the weight of capital

Erected a building. For soils that require deep foundations of foundations, as well as for the walls, not on your device

In need of solid support for its entire length, erect pier foundation.

Such foundations for concrete, stone walls and the ground act as a construction consisting of several columns with

Assigned teams of reinforced concrete on top of them or monolithic lintels, perceiving the weight of the walls. Poles placed in

Intersections of walls, in corners of the house, under the racks frame, heavy piers, and other places where the load.

For light wooden country houses can be applied to the foundation screw piles.

Small brick houses in the 0.5 – 1 brick thick walls can be placed on the pile poles, connected by reinforced concrete bolt

Raised above the ground. The space between the bolt and the ground filled with sand or clay pellets. The distance between the posts, and

Also cross girder and pillars, is calculated according to the weight of the structure and the bearing capacity of soil.

In the soil, allowing the initiation of the surface, as well as a house with walls and ceilings not easy, it is reasonable to build

Strip footing. Such foundations are laid for all interior and exterior walls of the capital, with a cross

Section, to avoid the appearance of deformation must be equal to the entire perimeter of the foundation. Ribbon

Is the foundation of the foundation blocks or monolithic. In any case, much better, if the construction will be everywhere

Connected wire mesh that captures the blind area.

To serve the foundation for a long time, it is necessary to conduct a series of actions on protection of groundwater and construction of atmospheric water –

Oblitsevat ground part, to provide waterproofing, as well as equip the blind area. We must not forget that the arrangement

Foundation of the most important part of building. A robust reinsurance and reserve strength will never be superfluous.

Properties of wood

Knots are a necessary evil, construction timber, caused by the fact that tree (generally speaking… Hmm…) is growing. Knots

Violate the uniformity of the wood make it difficult to process (the characteristic ‘teaser’ on a branch of the planer or milling), and reduce its

Strength. Under the influence of knots down the most resistance stretching along the fibers.

In the manufacture of beams do not want large swirls at the bottom of the beam (it is just what works and to

Stretching). Sometimes twigs in the dry finishing materials (siding, flooring) may simply fall out, and then have to

Plug the hole with a mixture of sawdust formed, diluted in epoxy resin, or simply replace the board.

Roe (ie, unparalleled location on the wood fibers to the longitudinal axis of the rod or board) is natural and

Artificial (due to improper cutting.) Roe also greatly reduces the strength of wood in tension, and how

Consequently, the bending, ie as beams, rafters, puffs use such boards or boards of highly undesirable. Here,

Than rejection, (or, correctly cutting) of other ways to fight there.

Shrinkage. Water, located in the freshly cut wood is both in the wood fibers, and in the cavities of the cells. At

The drying of wood moisture evaporates. This evaporation can cause significant deformation (mainly

Torsion) of the material. The evaporation process continues as long as the amount of moisture in the wood reaches a certain

Limit, which depends directly on the temperature and humidity. Thus, we can say that the tree

Not only giving but also gaining moisture under the influence of external conditions. A good example of warped dry lining, which

Take out of plastic bags and used in the month of March. Practice shows that the drier the lining, the more it

Will bulge out of a total failure. The process of typesetting and give moisture is linked, of course, change the size of the material. But

Practice shows that over the years, when there will be many cycles of swelling, shrinkage, changes in the size of almost

Occurs (do not consider the cases of complete immersion in water boards). Therefore, contrary to popular belief, that

Material dried in the chamber (artificially) better than that of the natural drying (ie, had lain for a long time

Piles under the canopy), one could argue just the opposite. From my own experience – lining 20 mm thick, lain in

Stacked under cover 2 years when used indoors as well as for cladding little cracked, and not

Kicked. In such a material is always formed less cracks, warps and such material during drying is less likely, because

Decision-impact water smooth, and strong internal stresses arise, which can not be said about the material chamber

Drying. By the way coniferous wood is dried in the cells is much easier than than deciduous (aspen, linden) for which

Required to select a `benign ‘conditions of drying. Changing the size of the material under the influence of shrinkage is different for different

Directions. Parallel to the grain size of the linear change slightly, and approximately 0.1% of the initial one. More

Significant changes across the grain sizes, for example shrinkage in the direction of the radius of the trunk reaches 2-5%, and in

Direction tangential to the annual layers reaches 4-7% (and, incidentally, the greater the difference between the shrinkage in the radial and

Tangential direction, the wider the cracks in the log). It is clear that the more cross-section of the material, the greater will be the crack.

In the small assortment (boards and sticks to) the crack is less, but more prone to warping board (torsion and bending, and rice).

These phenomena are also dependent on the aspect ratio: the higher the ratio of width to thickness, the greater the board will warp.

Boards bend convex side always to the core logs from which they drank. Therefore, a good way

Prevent warping, is the use of narrow boards. For example, State standards regulated by the maximum width of genital

Board 100 mm (although in practice, and sawed the large width). To prevent the formation of cracks in the logs and timber, are made

Longitudinal cuts the entire length of the material. These cuts remove internal stresses, which are formed by shrinkage. By the way

Such things are done not only in the rod and logs. Shrinkage is a direct consequence of subsidence of the walls of logs and lumber.

This process occurs rapidly during the first year after the construction of the house. Sludge is the stronger, more

Load on the wall, so it is usually the first floor sits on a larger magnitude than than the second or third. Draught of the walls shall

For a number of constructive activities associated with the device “ sliding knots: obsady, the lower mounting rafters

Expansion units columns.

Blue. Blue timber (figure) occurs mainly at high humidity, temperature +10… +25 C. It is

Contributes to this phenomenon still air surrounding the timber. Crude, svezhespilennaya wood is more susceptible to

Blue than than The dried. However, the dry wood may turn blue in the presence of the above conditions. Strongly

Exposed to blue pine in the summer months July – August. Surface blue can be observed even in well-ventilated

Piles of wood. Blueness – usually a precursor decay, which is caused by the development of fungi, parasites in the wood. However, for

Of rot requires a `strong ‘manifestations of the factors listed above, and is compulsory

Still air surrounding the tree. Therefore, in ventilated stacks, even open, rotting wood is not

Observed. Blueness does not change, contrary to popular opinion, the mechanical properties of wood does not change. Therefore, it

Can be successfully combated. Common `national` means is the use of means `white` (1L – 8 rubles,

Enough for 5 sq.m). Some say (I do not know the difference did not notice) that the `white ‘number 3 is stronger. One can argue

Exactly – with the help of `whiteness’ can win the blue surface. Penetrating blue, it does not take. After application of whiteness

Surface of the wood is painted, whitish. Another, more powerful tool is the ‘attic’ (1 liter – 50 rubles

Consumption is the same). “ Attic produced a two-component – developer and latch. In contrast to the `white ‘is a tool

Specially developed for this purpose. “ Attic cope with penetrating blue, and the surface of the material sometimes

Looks like a new “. C rot, if it has already appeared, can only radical measures to combat – that is, excision

Contaminated sites. It is better not to bring to this and to prevent occurrence of rot (rot about the conditions of development – see above)

Such as the material stored in ventilated stacks on the pads, it is desirable to cover the material from rain and snow (but only in

Ventilated stack, otherwise it will be worse), and also handle wood preservatives. For wood construction in

Currently in use water-soluble antiseptics (and there are so oily preservatives such as creosote,

Which is impregnated railroad ties, such antiseptics has a strong unpleasant smell). Of water-soluble

Antiseptic is most common family Senezh “. Good characteristics differ Senezh `trans` and

`Senezh super-trance ‘.

The basic design of the walls. For a sufficiently long time in different parts of the world where wood is a local

Building material, erecting houses made of logs. The basic principle of this construction: timber (or bars) is dense

Stacked one upon another until the desired height. Between the logs are laid sealing material: moss, hemp, flax

(Jute) cloth, synthetic sealants. Such walls have high thermal protection, and do not interfere with the proper

Air exchange (see above). Along with this there is another principle of construction, which is common in countries with warm

Weather (particularly Japan), and widely distributed in the Russian dacha construction – erection of the wall of

Bars and (or) thick boards, which subsequently made of wooden battens close together (lining).

Building houses of timber: benefits in all respects

Currently, more and more popular among Russians enjoyed building houses out of timber.

What attracts the construction of houses of timber?

First of all, home from a bar has the distinct advantage that the timber – this is natural wood. Thus,

Construction of the timber safely environmentally.

In addition, lumber construction is advantageous. Russia is rich in timber, and construction of wooden houses is not

Require substantial financial outlays. That is why the construction of timber spread literally in every region

Vast country.

Preferably, the construction of houses of timber by the fact that it does not take much time. After all, modern

Construction of houses of timber – is the construction of houses and cottages of the finished components. Due to this functionality:

Glued laminated wood does not shrink.

It is noteworthy that the construction of houses made of timber – is the construction of aesthetic housing raduyuschego eye with their beauty.

Since being built houses of timber mainly for ready-to projects designed by leading architects and

Designers. These projects are very diverse, perhaps the construction of houses, reminiscent of Russian folk tales,

A classic Finnish cottages, but not uncommon, and construction in the style of “high tech” by all the canons of modern

Avant-garde architecture.

Construction of holiday homes. Our Era.

Construction of holiday homes now that the phenomenon is not about that before. In past years, the construction of holiday

Houses was the work of someone? – That’s right, this was done by the owners themselves six acres, personally. Now acres and, if desired,

Pobol available, and the construction of country houses is carried out construction companies. As for the truckers themselves,

Primarily conducted during the construction of suburban houses, now they can enjoy the holiday. After all, if the construction

Summer homes are professionals in the shortest possible time.

Construction of country houses – the lot of experts, and with good reason. As with any construction,

Building houses a complex process consisting of several stages. That does not mean that when a building

Suburban home building company undertakes, it is necessary – and the flow of the pipeline. Not at all, a professional construction

Holiday home can be as personalized as customers want it. Of course, the construction

Carried out by individual projects. Razrobatyvayutsya that taking into account all the wishes of the client.

Building a house in the country can not be a matter of more primitive, and because the changed requirements of comfort.

Modern building summer homes being wired with all necessary communications. The main construction materials for

Construction of summer homes: quality calibrated logs or timber. Wood – versatile material for building

Country houses: a warm, breathable, seamlessly blends into the interior. The use of wood, makes the construction of holiday

Houses in a kind of art.

Window air conditioners

Window air conditioner is still owned a substantial market share of domestic klimatotehnicheskogo equipment. If the

Capital cities unconditionally lead split-system, in the southern part of the country’s interest in the “ okonnikam not cool.

Regional differences in rivyazannostyah to individual types of air conditioners – a phenomenon everywhere. While the Europeans

For the most part are convinced admirers of split systems (accounting for approximately 70-75% of the market), in

South East Asia and Latin America “ okonniki still popular (one-half to four fifths the total installed

Air conditioners). The easiest way to try to explain this ‘geography’ difference in material prosperity – say, window air conditioners

Cheaper and therefore better suited for other poor countries.

However, not all that easy. Patriots window air conditioners continue to wealthy Americans. This is despite the

Undertaken in recent years, especially from Japanese manufacturers, trying to instill in them a taste for the `split ‘. But

Sales are estimated to last hundreds of thousands of the best case, whereas “ okonnikov account number in the millions (in

Depending on the economic and real weather – 4-6 million per year).

Squeezing in the late 40s. Completely dominated central air conditioning system and making possible the independent

Cooling small spaces, “ okonnik is the best fell to the court at the beginning of the individualistic-oriented

America, and from there went to the triumphant march around the world. Period of cloudless existence lasted until the early 70’s

Years, when introduced in 1961 split-system launched a decisive attack. Since then, “ okonniki and were in

Defense waged with varying success.

What is a window air conditioner, imagine almost everyone – a candy bar, mounted in a window opening or thin wall.

It is with them in this country associated household air-conditioner at all, because this type produced the main producer

Domestic household klimatotehniki – Baku factory. Compared to its more youthful rival – split-system,

Window air conditioner is not deprived of a number of disadvantages, the transfer of which has become a commonplace of many publications: more

High noise level, the deterioration of ambient light and the appearance of the facades of buildings, limited to choosing a place

Installation. And the pros: relatively low price, easy installation (unless, of course, it’s not about windows – there, just with

Installation can be very great difficulty.) Equally common place to talk about was the obsolescence of this type


But, contrary to popular belief, it continues to retain in its product range the world’s leading manufacturers.

And those for whom the production of air conditioners is important, but only a small segment of the impressive production

Program. Thus, window air conditioners produces Westinghouse Electric Company – a leading U.S. Defense

Industry. Not less than a third nuclear power plants in the U.S. Is working on reactors made by the company. Another monster of the peace

And military business General Electric also deleted them from its product range. Manufactures window air conditioners Israel

Компания Tadiran – one of the leading manufacturers of the famous Israeli military industries.

But worse than Russia? Given that the already mentioned Baku factory remained abroad, we manufacture a window

AC took Manufacturing plant in Elektrostal. Since 1996, OAO MSZ “ for the first time in Russia began mass

AC production equipment on the licensed firm Samsung Electronics (South Korea), with 1998 going to the

Production of new models, including the windows, under the brand name `Elemash`. For those who do not know – this is the plant, where in 1941

The country’s first rockets were fired Katyusha “, and in 1953 moved to the production of nuclear fuel.

It is easy to assume that companies with such names, traditions, and the potential of high technologies will not regret their

Intellectual resources to improve someone else has already sacked okonnika “.

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at a window air conditioner – the case. As one half of its “ okonnik

Located on the street, it is made of corrosion-resistant materials, preferably removable. The second simplifies

Installation and maintenance of window air conditioner. When installed in a window or a wall exposed chassis first, and then

Mounted air conditioner. For the repair, maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning at the time removed from its container.

The range of sizes and weights have window air conditioners are not very large. Dimensions for the most part range from 452 x 313 x

325 mm (as in the model AW05E0LE firm Samsung Electronics) or 350 x 510 x 490 mm (as in one of the smallest models

LWH-0560CL company LG) to 428 x 710 x 877 mm (these are dimensions of one of the biggest models ALH22R firm Fujitsu). Weight

“ Okonnikov 20 the youngest to 80-90 kg in `giant`. Limitations in the size of the maneuver, and the relative narrowness

Task – to work on one room, cause not too large spread of power. As a rule, it

Ranges from 1.4 to 6.5 kW at a flow rate of air 200-1, 000 cu. M / h, which allows cool space from

15 to 70 square meters. M. The noise level in the window model is indeed higher than that of split systems and usually ranges between

40 and 50 dB. However, in some instances sometimes exceeding 50 dB.

“ Okonniki can work not only on the cold, and heat the room. When used in heating power

Heating elements (such as in models of firm Westinghouse), then the room can be heated at temperatures below zero at any

Street. In other cases, at temperatures below minus 100C okonnik `use` as a heater should not be. Design

Window air conditioners can provide for the possibility of fresh incoming air. Typically, a volume of

10% of the total performance in the air.

Work conditioning is largely dependent on the heat exchanger. The main enemy of this part of the construction – corrosion, which can

Cause a salty sea or air containing man-made impurities of large cities, as well as wind and dust. To

To increase its service life, it is necessary to protect the surface. Panasonic claims that by covering the Blue Fin time

Work produced by him exchangers increases several times. In contrast to the blue topcoat

“ Firm LG Panasonic uses of gold. Gold Fin – gold plating also effectively combats corrosion.

An important detail is the air conditioner filter. Given a reasonably fast the dirt, the filters must periodically (but

Least once a week) to capture ‘the light’ for cleaning. In okonnikah “ Panasonic provides an opportunity notch filter as

From below and from above, making this procedure suitable for air-conditioners installed close to the ceiling or, conversely, to

Floor. Some manufacturers equip their models with antibacterial filters. Other (Samsung Electronics, for example)

Provide for the installation particularly effective in the fight against fine dust electrostatic filters.

Initially, with window air conditioners to control how radios, turning the knob. But today, many models

Equipped with a remote control (RC), which significantly facilitates their use by consumers and the installation

Installers (air conditioner with remote control can be mounted in any convenient location, not just where it’s easy to reach by hand).

With the control set temperature (can be set discretely within certain limits, such as the LG from 16 to 30 degrees.

In increments of 1 deg.). You can select fan speed. For example at the LG models are three – low, medium, high, in

White-Westinghouse – two in the cooling mode and a heated, two of the models from Hitachi and Samsung; in Russian

Elemashevskogo “ “ KB – four.

In addition, the complete set timer and set it with the help of functions for a few hours ahead. For example,

Programmed operation mode of enhanced circulation, which from different manufacturers is different titles: `Air Swing` y

Panasonic, `Auto Swing` or the LG `Power Sweep` a White-Westinghouse. It is provided continuously and silently swaying

Blinds. The direction of air flow varies cyclically from side to side, and cold or hot air reaches all

“ Hidden corners of the room.

If there is a need for intensive exposure to one or more directions, the swing can be stopped, and the front

Blinds will regulate the air flow direction in the horizontal and vertical planes. In large okonnikah “ may

Ask 4 directions. In small models, there are only two – the left and right, but given that they serve

Small in floor area, that is enough.

It is important to re-start function, the need for which there is failure in the diet. Following the resumption of

A power conditioner continues to work as usual, not once, but with a delay of several minutes to

Prevent peak loads on the network.

Responding to the challenges of time, “ okonniki constantly modified and, although the split-systems able to capture the strategic

Initiative, their total victory, however. During the late 90s, Russian experts have noted

Permanent increase in the proportion of window air conditioners. And just last year there was some pullback. The randomness of it or

Growing trend – time will tell.

Types of houses

There are several types storey town houses. Let’s look at them and try to decide what do we need?…

One-story buildings have several advantages: simple design solution, making them easier to build, as well as

Repair, they are relatively simple in construction, convenient and economical in operation, accommodation for all premises to

One level contributes to their good relationship, which is especially useful for elderly people. In this regard, even in

Two-storey houses is recommended for the elderly one bedroom place on the first floor.

However, when a large number of living rooms and barns storey buildings require a large area and

Fairly extensive foundations. In addition, one-story houses a large area is much more complicated internal

Planning, since there are additional corridors, rooms lost relationship with each other.

Dormer houses are built for large families, as well as their composition is not less than four rooms. They allow you to organize

A clear division of the premises on the day and night areas.

Residential accommodation on two levels makes it possible to heat the house of one – two ovens, a compact layout

Heating appliances, providing some heat from one area of?? the hearth. And most important advantage of loft buildings

Is that the same part of the premises they occupied can reduce the area of?? land at 30-40% and

Respectively, to reduce the length of the foundation.

Two-story houses are all advantages of roof on the internal organization and the relationship of residential outbuildings

It occurs as a reception house layout of one-and two-story units. This allows, if desired, arrange on a roof

Floor unit operated roof, which suit the working room in the open air, winter garden, or simply

Area for recreation.

Homes that are built on difficult terrain, as well as partially built basement and mezzanine volumes are more expensive than

Homes built on level ground. However, when carefully thought-out design and quality performance, they tend to have

Interesting internal layout, original and expressive architecture.

Designing the appearance of the house, should, if possible, to avoid complex configuration. This leads to an increase in the perimeter and

Exterior wall area through which the main heat loss. Simultaneously, the need for walls

More building materials. Terraces and verandas, projected along with the house should be located along the long

Wall. This will protect your walls a warm house from the wind and reduce heat loss.

The structural layout of the house is mainly determined by its space – planning decisions. With the width of the house for more than 6 m itself

Common is a circuit with an average load-bearing wall. The value of the overlapping spans in this case – 3 – 4 m.

Spans of less than 3 m `difficult ‘fit large rooms, while the spans over 4 m dramatically increases the requirements for carrying

Structures overlap. With the width of the house cost less than 6 m span is one layout with a device

Roof of the simplest wooden trusses (rafters). In this scheme, the interior of the house can be solved on the basis of


From the foregoing it is easy to conclude that the choice of a particular project is a crucial moment, because the house is built

For many years, and all further adjustment associated with significant material costs. If there is no skill in

Designing or no special desire to address this issue, you can choose from standard designs developed by

Experienced professionals.

With a creative approach based on the same project can be very different solutions, it is hard to

Would suggest that they originate from the same starting point, striving for individuality and impact on

Selected architectural options at home. Therefore, the project can be ordered in special companies or do the most, according to its

Taste. And about the tastes, as you know, do not argue

Project Selection House

No matter what kind of house, cottage or garden house is supposed to build, the choice of his project should be treated with

The most scrutiny.

Writing on this issue-one advice is almost impossible. Project home depends on family composition, tastes, and

Habits of all its members, the budget allocated for the building, and many other factors.

In analyzing the mistakes made by inexperienced developers, we can draw the following conclusions. Some, with no construction

Experience, too trusting ‘masters’ of the construction business, have agreed to build a house on the outline sketch, old

Working drawings. It is not uncommon when there are new construction solutions, fully or partially modify

Project. Such pre-conceived actions do not lead to mistakes, and it turns out that the ‘cure’ to house immediately after his

Settlement, but it costs money, and considerable.

Everyone sees your house differently. For some, this cozy home, where you can retreat after a busy day. For other

- A prestigious house, you can brag to your friends. But in any case, the design of the house must be followed

Certain rules.

Firstly, we should not try to build too large a house. Construction and operation of a large house – fun

Quite expensive and troublesome. After all, a big house to decorate furniture and even heat in winter, and its cleaning and

Periodic repairs require a lot of time and effort.

Secondly, you need to choose the architecture and interior design to create maximum comfort for all family members

Home is the ideal form of a cube. In this form of exterior wall area of?? its smallest, which is largely

Reduce heat loss.

Third, the design of the house and yard buildings should try to minimize the number of buildings needed to project

Chosen so that a maximum of outbuildings (storage rooms, garage, sauna, etc.) placed under the same roof as the main

Home. This project is the most economical and convenient to use.

Criteria for selecting material for the walls

The role of the walls (walling) in the operational and aesthetic properties of the house difficult to overestimate. The walls, being

Key element of the house, to a large extent determine its quality and appearance. They must possess the necessary strength,

Durability, sound insulation, satisfy the requirements for thermal protection and flame resistance, to provide architectural

And expressiveness – this is not a complete list of the requirements that apply to the walls.

Of what material to build the walls of his home owner decides. It depends on the tastes and financial possibilities, traditions

And a number of factors affects the choice of building material.

The walls of the manor house or cottage can be made of wood, stone, brick or built from modern materials,

Are beginning to enter the domestic building practice.

Each of these materials have their pros and cons.

For example, in Russia has always built a wall of chopped wood. And not only that in our forests grow enough

Number of trees wood as a natural material, has good energy and therefore stay in the house with wood

Walls of a beneficial effect on health, performance, health, etc.

Heat-insulating quality of wood is much higher than that of brick and stone. But the wood for all the positive qualities

Has its drawbacks. Lowered fire, limited durability, susceptibility to decay and insect infestation

Often predispose the choice is not in favor of wooden walls.

The stone walls are more durable and long lasting. Their use greatly enhances the architectural features.

But the stone cold and living in a house whose walls are built from this material, not very nice. Artificial stone –

Brick – warmer. In addition, regular, strictly regulated form of bricks and prudently expanding architectural

Design opportunities. To improve the thermal properties of construction supplies, developed cost-effective

Construction of brick and artificial blocks.

Walls can be constructed from breeze blocks, cinder block, keramsit, opilkobetona who have a number of positive

Qualities. And before making a final choice on one or the other material, you must know the heat-engineering parameters.

Let us dwell briefly on one of the main parameters to consider when building enclosing

Construction of a modern home or cottage. It is known that live in a cold house is not very nice and expensive. To maintain

Optimal living conditions have to expend much effort and money. Most of the territory on which the

RF refers to the 1st District, climate, harsh and prolonged winter heating season duration

An average of more than 60% of annual time, the temperature of the coldest five-day period is about 30 ° C.

Therefore, heat-engineering parameters enclosing structures are decisive in choosing the material for

Construction of individual houses.

Privacy wood from rotting

Wood as a material of organic origin is a breeding ground for fungi and insects. Damage from the second

Significant, but not commensurate with the damage to mushrooms – the main “defendant” for a lot of trouble delivering processes

Rotting wood. In order to protect wooden structures from rotting recommend using an antiseptic “Senezh EKOBIO.”


Antiseptic “Senezh EKOBIO” is intended to protect wood from rot, mold, blue stain and insect inside drevotochtsev

Indoor and outdoor (under cover) in the hygroscopic moisture and condensation out of contact with

Soil, atmospheric precipitation, soil moisture alone or as a primer under paint Bioprotective.

Allowed to use “Senezh EKOBIO” to protect the outer elements of service, subject to precipitation, followed by a

Moisture-resistant coating paints.


Antiseptic “Senezh EKOBIO” used for the treatment of new and previously treated with an antiseptic wooden walls, floors,

Partitions, obreshetok, attics, attic structures inside buildings, and other sawn, planed,

Log construction elements of housing, public, industrial and agricultural use of internal

Service. Antiseptic “Senezh EKOBIO” does not apply to surfaces previously coated with varnish, paint, varnish and other

Film-forming or water-repellent materials.


Medium term biosecurity 30-35 years in temperate conditions (VII cells. GOST 20022.2, maceration)

Does not change the color of the wood, tinting – water stains

Forms in wood 2 level biosecurity

It penetrates the wood, does not increase the hygroscopicity

Preserves the texture, does not prevent breathing wood

Suitable for wet processing (20%) of wood

Does not affect the strength of wood glued and colorability

Inhibits mold on masonry, stucco, concrete

Stops already begun bioporazhenie

Fire, explosion-proof material that has no odor

Mode of application

Antiseptic “Senezh EKOBIO” is applied to clean from dust, dirt, bark, inner bark and other wood surface coatings by brush,

Roller, spray when air temperature is not below 50 C, as well as dipping, soaking or by autoclaving.

Application by brush, roller, spray spend 2-3 hours with an interval of 20-40 minutes, providing the normalized total

Consumption. Maceration or soaking in the autoclave is carried out to achieve the rated flow. Do not treat frozen wood!

Do not mix with other compounds. Before use – mix.


The total consumption by brush, roller, spray – not less than 250-300 g/m2 (3-4 m2/kg) consumption by soaking or

Autoclaving – 60-80 kg/m3. Consumption depends on operating conditions and required service life of treated wood.

The method of exposure

Antiseptic “Senezh EKOBIO” penetrates and Diffusion deepens in the wood, forming a column of saturated active

Components of a two-tiered barrier that inhibits the development of mold, wood-, wood-destroying fungi and

Insect deterrent drevotochtsev.

Security measures

When applying an antiseptic “Senezh EKOBIO” avoid contact with open parts of the body ingestion. If in eyes

And mouth – rinse with water. Hazard Class – IV («misdemeanor”) according to GOST 12.1.007. Approved for use Rospotrebnadzor RF

(Previously – Russian Ministry of Health). Fire, explosion-safe. Dispose of as household waste.

Strategy building holiday homes

Circumstances that encourage residents of large cities to buy and build gardens on their summer houses, a lot, but

Most importantly, perhaps, the desire to spend the summer vacation, a weekend in her suburban home, outdoors, among the flowers

And trees. And you dream and make plans. However, the income of your limited, and put the whole amount at once, you can not.

Given these conditions and based on their own professional experience, I would like to warn your venture a few



If there is a choice area, look beyond the cost, on the following fundamental facts:

- Transport accessibility;

- Provision of infrastructure (heat, gas, water, electricity, sewage);

- Environmental safety (proximity of industrial enterprises, agricultural production);

- Configuration, topography, orientation to the cardinal area;

- Building on adjacent plots.

Note that on a plot of 600 sq. Km. M can accommodate comfortably no more than 3 – 4 people.

Planning study

Land purchased. On the part of the terms you have already decided. Assume that the rectangular area, focus on the sides

Light and the direction of predominant winds are known, the road is, electricity and water-saving time will

Sanitation and never will be, imported gas. Will determine the fundamental development plan (if the settlement is not binding

General Plan for property developers, or a detailed plan). In order not to enter into conflict with the law and its neighbors, look at the

Building Regulations: SNIP 2.30.97 `Planning and construction of horticultural associations of citizens and buildings’,

SNIP 2.08.01-89 * `Residential ‘and SP II 106-97.

According to these documents, all the buildings on its site, including business, you put on your own, following

But these firefighters and city building requirements.

Garden House:

A) the red line the streets – at least 5 m;

B) from the red line of travel – not less than 3 m;

C) from a nearby area – not less than 3 m.

Country house of residence:

A) a stone from a nearby stone – 6 m;

B) a stone from a nearby wood – 8-10 m;

C) wood from the nearby wood – 8-15 pm

In addition, if your building is located to the east, south or west toward the neighbor, the distance between them

Must be less than the height of your home (up to the roof ridge). Supporting and farm buildings can be placed in 1 m

Boundaries of the site.

Thereafter, for example, we consider the plot, with the assumption that the neighbors had not yet lined up. Differential elevation of 0.5-1 m

From NW to SE. On the surface, and in the ground a lot of boulders, gravel – sand and loam, shallow water table – 1-1.5 m from the

Surface at the site of stumps 15-20 tall trees.

Location holiday homes in the area

How would you continue to have disposed of any of your territory, be it a fruit garden, vegetable garden, flower garden, lawn, even part-time

Farm with small animals, the buildings are best to block, keeping the maximum area of?? green space. Draw a plan

Plot on a scale not less than 1:50 (one cm 0.5 m) on a dense sheet of paper, he later you will need at one time.

Decide the position of holiday houses in the area, taking into account the number of boulders, suitable for the foundation, stumps,

Be korchevke, orientation space with maximum insolation, the position of entry into the area, taking into account the use of

Trucks and cars, and followed by an extension of summer space (porches, terraces).

Residential suburban house

One of the most efficient and most rapid development implying site solutions – building a log or

Pavestone home area of??16-25 square meters. M. This will immediately get a warm core of a future holiday home. In our case

Will determine the paramount conditions. Warm holiday home in the offseason is needed as soon as possible (in the family, children and old people)

Warm garage is not needed, the basement also need a summer extension (porch).

Construction works start from the restroom, it is best to put a booth with cup shields, then it can be transferred to

Any place.

In the construction market there are hundreds of suggestions on how architecture and on designs, and yet, we recommend the most

Simple: the log or cobbled cottage house with the oven-stove. In this suburban home to live from April to November in the year


When buying a log home you should immediately take care of the foundation. From the construction site to remove topsoil. Block

Or boulder foundations with good dry soil may be based on the surface. It would be good at once, simultaneously with

Foundations suburban home, to determine the position of oven and put it to the concrete buried at 40-50 cm base,

Height which finally determine when you will put a permanent wave. For your home oven is sufficient foundation

In terms of size 120×80 cm (see ‘Heating stove. From the foundation to Dymnikov `).

The walls, as already mentioned, cobbled or timbered. Beam cross-section of 15×15 cm in width log walls

Prokonopachennogo groove must be at least 12-15 cm

The floors were supported with wooden beams, joists in the construction of floors with areas for insulation.

Roof – krutouklonnaya, not less than 45 degrees. That will continue to use the attic for the unit loft building.

Roof – soft asphalt as a temporary deviation in the 45 deg. It will last 10-12 years. But you can immediately put the piece

Asphalt roof shingles imitating or share, a roof is not much more expensive, but much prettier and last for more


Ceiling – wood, plank on the beams, taking into account insulation, sound insulation and operational burden of the future

Attic space.

The windows and attic houses can foresee with double glazing.

The doors and the attic at home as well insulated and reinforced.

In his first year in the fall of the house habitable. A year later, you’ve already decided on his future plans, and in summer can

To do a porch or attic.

Summer room

So, you have identified in terms of all venture arrangement on the site and placement of porches, sheds, greenhouses, wells, cellar (if

Like), etc.

Built-in porch with a wooden frame planed, which is not sewn inside that will give the interior space originality

Wooden house. The size of the veranda is defined in the plan so that it comfortably through the gallery linked to the dacha house. Window

Frames can be ordered by their size and sketch, but it’s easier to buy ready-made. The walls of the verandah, there may be warm, but

Be sure to lay asphalt protivovetrovuyu protection.

First, put a framework, based on his sleepers, which in turn are placed on foundations similar to those foundations

Home. At the same time reveal the rafters with verandah rafters lengthen suburban home and rely on their racks, which, like the rack

Framework, based on the sleepers. Then sews up the roof deck a solid flooring (decking boards ostrogany inside). Set

Horizontal elements fachwerk: eaves, parapet, nadokonnye, door, in an alignment rack, and place the doors and windows. One

Or two frames envisage opening from the top or side suspension.

Then, starting from the bottom, we perform a horizontal outer cladding, planed on the outside. Very pretty rarely used, we

Horizontal planking overlapped. Angles framed by pilasters. Based on the sill, plank floors of the dowel or a quarter. Along

Rack picture plank floors and also lengthen the roof slope of the house. You may want to install along the gallery railing. Also,

As at their summer home, arrange the roll roofing. Rough terrace is ready and to go into the second winter, enough to glaze


Convenient as the gallery, where you can sit and walk on the veranda of the cottage at home in any weather. In addition, when

Roof extension to the gallery you’ll be forced to partially reveal the roof at home, you can replace the temporary asphalt

Coverage for permanent single-part color that mimics share or shingles. At a small house roof is an important element

Architecture, and a cover to complement your holiday home.

Interior trim porches, painting, wallpapering on fiberboard, flooring linoleum and other work can be done in the following



Children grow up, they need additional space, remain overnight guests – must have one warm room. Reached

And turn to the attic.

The attic should be made primarily to insulate the roof and gables. To illuminate a small (16-20 square meters. M) attic windows in the ends of her

Enough. Warming roof slopes easier to perform at the bottom in the form of prefabricated panels, but only the top of their mount (see

Fig. 10 and Fig. 11). Face the wall more convenient to warm the place. It remains to paint the rafters, as well as the plane of the panel you

Already obtyanuli wallpaper with bright contrasting color panels and trusses can be quite beautiful and comfortable



Prior to resettlement for the attic access to the attic you use an attached ladder. In the production of works in the attic

Convenient to have a more comfortable outdoor staircase. In order not to waste space and volume within the suburban home, get her outside.

The easiest way to do it in a timber (wooden) composite bent kosour, simply supported at one end of the house and the other on the sill and


Staircase without risers allow comfortable slope to 75 degrees. Enough to make a railing with one (left) side, as

On a ladder go down backwards, and then the right hand free for cargo.

Completion of

Country house stood two years, it’s time to decide on the exterior, especially since even the most careful not konopatka

Save us from blowing.

One of the standard, but also the most beautiful techniques – an outer casing with a shaped lining pazogrebnevym compound.

If the porch were trimmed flat, holiday home can sheathing vertically, the contrast will give the facade of expression.

Almost holiday home is ready, not including furnaces. Cosmetic measures choose to taste. If by that time already

Electricity, wiring and commissioning try to arrange a consultation with a professional.

It remains to put in a suburban house with capital capital stove pipe and, if you want a fireplace on the veranda.

Further arrangement of the site: a barn, woodshed, greenhouses, bath or shower pavilion – the subject of much discussion.

Home Peterhof

Increasingly, ponds and fountains appear in the cottage and country estates.

To create the artificial pond is not enough to dig a hole and fill it with water. The fact is that on the sandy bottom

Difficult to keep the water at the desired level. On the clay bottom of the pond water will be muddy, especially in the rainy season. In addition,

The bottom will soon be clogged undesirable plants, and pond can quickly become a quagmire.

In the pit was dug put the finished container, but only if you plan to pool small size. In

Specialty stores you can find a volume of 400 to 1000 liters. More often line the pit with a special film

(Ordinary polyethylene is not suitable). This material is truly unlimited possibilities: boiled tape of the film between

A can, if desired, a lake area in square kilometer. The optimum film thickness for a small pond

Is 0.5 mm. For large-scale – 0.8 or 1 mm. The deeper the pit, the thicker the film should be. The cost of the film

In the range of $ 5-50 per 1 m2. The most expensive – rubber film, characterized by high strength welds and

Resistance to tearing of the roots of plants. To obtain the edge of the reservoir, as well as to create a running brook available

Film mimics the structure of the stone. For example, a black PVC film with a coating of fine gravel brand OASE


Will also need a filtration system, without which maintain the biological balance of the pond is almost impossible thickets

Algae and turbidity will be inevitable. The most basic system includes a pump and filter cartridge. Its estimated

Cost is $ 100-200. There are also more complex systems with which you can get crystal clear

Pond…. And your fountain

For some of us thought to decorate the house a small fountain usually has little chance of realization. Imagination

Inexperienced homeowner drawn awful pictures: a dozen workers from the punches penetrate the floor in the ditches for laying pipe

Supply and discharge of water associated with the noise, trash and huge costs. And yet, it’s much easier. Costs are not so

Great work and investments are minimal. (Of course, if you do not plan to turn one room house in a mini-water park, which

Also possible).

The fountain can be purchased off the shelf, you can create your own. Not so long ago in the Russian market appeared set for

Garden fountains mark PONTEC (Germany), which includes everything you need, up to the terra-cotta sculptures. Enough

Buy a box set, bring it back into place, and after several hours of fountain ready. In a typical kit includes tank,

You want to dig into the ground, pump, fountain nozzle, lighting and sculpture (”spitting” frog or duck, fish and

Etc.). However, this applies only to small fountains. If you plotted a more ambitious project, the components have

Pick apart.

What do you need to turn your pretty big dreams?

Prior to the advent of electricity, building a fountain was only possible where there is located above the source water intake.

One example – the water ensemble of Peterhof. And the ancient Romans, for example, to supply its fountains built

Special tanks – in fact, vodonabornye tower. Today, the fountain can be built even in the desert – would be suitable

Capacity and a small supply of water, because the modern fountain in the source water is not needed. The circulation of water is

By a special electric. For the same reason, do not require a connection to the water if you started a

Small fountain right in the apartment.

So it should start with the pump. In Europe, produced fountain pumps or pump a variety of capacities, from pumps to

Desktop fountains, to units that can pick up a stream of water to a height of 100 m. The average water fountain pump (the height of the jet

3-5 m) will cost about $ 100.

Most often the pump is put on a special stand at the bottom of the reservoir or tank. In natural waters, especially at large

Depth, you can arrange a floating fountain, in which case the pump is mounted under a float.

Experience shows that many consumers with apprehension to the idea of?? dipping into your garden pond electric. And if,

In addition, the shop assistant offers to the same place underwater lights and underwater transformer, the fear

Associated with high electrical conductivity of the water and, consequently, risk becoming a victim of electric shock go into panic

Fear. However, these manufacturers produce equipment for fountains for decades. And if the design

Pumps, transformers, connectors, cables, underwater and surface fixtures there any imperfect

Sites that threaten human health, they would long ago have been noticed and corrected.

Fountain pumps are used for circulation of water in rock gardens, which have become almost

Mandatory interior detail of a modern country home. The same can be said about the artificial streams and garden

Waterfalls. The pump takes water from a “source” and then sends it to the “mouth” of the stream.

Now you just think about what will be the water picture. This may be seething crater billowing streamers,

Jet in a cup… A water fountain nozzles form a picture. When choosing them should be aware that some tips

Intended only for the room, the other – just for outdoor fountains. In addition, each has a hydraulic

Resistance. Therefore, if the instructions on the fountain pump provides, for example, the jet height of 2 m, then after installation

Nozzle height is less known. To avoid unpleasant surprises (when one is conceived, but it turned out completely different)

Equipment must be purchased in specialized firms, professionally engaged in a fountain. In our

Market offers equipment and accessories for ponds and fountains, the famous German brand OASE, as well as brand PONTEC.

Installation of air conditioning: Where to start?

In this paper, we propose the mounting air conditioner. However, such a responsible work, we would recommend to carry out

Certified specialists. Nevertheless, even hiring a specialist, you will be able to intelligently monitor the progress of installation and

Evaluate the quality of installation of air conditioning.

Arrangement of split-system

1. Communication (Stroebe)

2. Drainage (in Stroebe)

3. Sewage

4. Siphon

5. Wiring – to shield (in Stroebe)

6. The hole in the wall, pierced with a slope of 1-3 °

The first step: to be held separate wiring

To anyone, even a low-power (1.5 kW) air conditioner is necessary to separate the wiring and put a separate machine

In the electric board. Because the old wiring could not handle the load and, God forbid, catch fire. If the separate wiring

For air conditioner installers will pave the specialists – the possibility of fire is reduced to almost zero.

Especially beware if your house is older than 1990 year of birth. In older homes the wiring, alas, is not designed for loads from

Using a powerful electric. Installers will remember the case where the landlord because of the air conditioner had

Replace all the wiring: an old just could not stand and knocked constantly jams.

Second step: mounting the outdoor unit

To do this, installers drilled holes for the brackets, which are then ustanavlivayut external unit.

If you put it on an open balcony, there is no problem: stuck bolts, a breeze blows it – and the order (if the balcony

Glazed, the unit will not have enough air to work and he will soon break). If you want to attach the unit to the wall, then

Without a strong arm does not get along. Moreover, they must withstand the weight of several times the weight of the block. At high

Floors “naruzhnik” mounted with machine equipped with a sliding ladder. Or cause climbers (if installation goes above the 5th

Floor). These calls are charged separately and costs from 60 to 150 dollars. And sometimes required in the form of equipment and machines

Fire stairs, an arrow, and mountaineer.

If you live on the upper floors, the outdoor unit can be placed on the roof. But note that the difference between internal and

Foreign units in height should not exceed 3-20 meters (depending on the brand and model air-conditioner).

If your apartment is located on the first floor, the urge to hang outside the block above 1.8-2 meters above the ground

And “hide” him in a cage. And that may be stolen. In one of the companies have told us the story. Man came and ordered only

External unit. Managers were surprised: “Why do not you want to completely split-system”. – “Yes, I’ve got air conditioning inside, but

Outer “box” cut yesterday. On the ground floor under the window hung. ” Regardless of the height at which the “screwed” external power,

To do it over a metal canopy. This will save a block of snow and icicles, which in the spring tend to fall with

Roofs, smashing everything in its path.

In general, external power unit – a major undertaking. If it is weakly secure, because it may fall down… And to anyone else. In

During the warranty period, responsibility for the consequences of this lies with the company, which installed air conditioning. And then – you

Themselves will be responsible.

Can not be done with an external (outside) unit?

There is a limit space to install the outdoor unit:

1. The wall surface on which the unit will be installed must be firm (otherwise the weight of the block, it can break)

And smooth (otherwise the unit will vibrate and deform).

2. You can not bend the pipe with refrigerant (freon) several times in a small area and unscrew their connection (this is

Lead to leakage of refrigerant.) If the tube spun in a ring radius of less than 100 mm, the compressor will be harder to shake


Third step: installing the indoor unit

Remote control air conditioning

Installers are fixed with screws to the wall (if the block wall) or ceiling (if the block ceiling) and on special brackets are

Set blocks. After this, should definitely check out the strength of attachment (not falter if the design? When

Air conditioner does not vibrate it?). Otherwise, sooner or later the entire structure may simply come down on your head.

But for outdoor unit of a special fixture is required. He, as the saying goes, “stand up on foot.” It is only necessary to pick a

Place for it (keep in mind when choosing a place to pack is not blowing in the curtains or wall, and stood away from the heat source). AND

Although the unit is not attached to the floor, but after laying all communications to move it from place to place anymore.

Thus, the indoor unit can not be installed:

1…. Over the heat source (eg, above the battery). Otherwise the air conditioner will work on refrigeration, “before losing momentum” and a

Quickly fail. Imagine that you opened the refrigerator door, and it will be cool not only the camera, but the whole

Room. He “earn” and fails to end the day. The same thing happens with air conditioning. In addition, the heat

Coming from the battery room, a plastic housing unit may be deformed.

2…. In areas where devices are constantly working with high-frequency electromagnetic waves (eg, drill,

Drilling machine). High-frequency oscillations can “bring down” the chip (CPU) installed inside the air conditioner.

3…. Directly over the bed or place of work, otherwise there is danger always catch a cold or, worse, get sick


4…. Where air circulation is impeded, for example, behind curtains, etc. The distance to the obstacle should not be less

3 meters. Otherwise, air conditioning, which maintains the set temperature automatically fails. Cold (or hot)

The flow of air from the air conditioner will be reflected from the obstacle and come back with the same temperature, with a “left”. Air conditioning

Decides that the work is done, the right climate and set off. That’s happened to my friends. Their air conditioning

Always “entangled in the curtains” and disconnected, unable to bring the temperature up to a given room. I had to call the experts and

Re-install the system.

5…. Out of alignment – then out of it on the floor will follow the water (condensate) which is mounted on the rules should be given to

Drainage tube in a special tank (see our certificate of drainage).

Fourth stage: shtroblenie wall or floor

To connect the electrical wires and tubes between freon air conditioning units, installers punched in the walls of the trench

Or on the ceiling (or as they say installers – to be “proshtrobit line”). This is done in that case, if you want

Make a hidden line. Sometimes you have to “proshtrobit”, for example, walls and floor apartment.

Do not want to Stroebe? Then you can hide the wires in decorative plastic box (sometimes box removed under the plinth). But

Before the installers will need to connect the two copper tube (refrigerant) and “ends” of wiring between the external and

Internal blocks. Make sure that the installers have done this by connecting fittings. And in the pre-punched

Hole in the outer wall paved “waterproofing cup” with a connecting hose.

Adjusters come into place all the necessary equipment is placed in communication Stroebe, drainage tube is placed in

Stroebe sloped.

After that, they must conduct a so-called vakuumatsiyu communications, and always within 50 minutes (that is what

Time of the communication will go the “extra” air and moisture). This manipulation is done with a special need


And keep in mind – for a drainage tube usually make a separate hidden line (in the wall or under the floor).

Fifth stage: verification of the system using a special program

At this stage, the installers must include split-system (ABS), setting it on a test program. If it works, and

Body does not vibrate, then order. The work is almost finished. By the way, we suggest that each year on their own to carry out such

Verify the operation of the system (using the same test program).

Sixth stage: garbage collection

I should warn you: construction and other highway installation procedure – it’s dirt, dust and noise. But the good installers (with

License for the installation of air conditioners) will come with special tools (including a metal detector to inspect the walls for

The presence of reinforcement and covert communications).

In addition, installers should be cleaner and other cleaning machines. With their help, after work, they must

Independently to remove any debris. If the installers try to dodge the “dirty” work is strictly necessary – “cleaning

Territory “is a payment for the installation of air conditioning. In addition, with a solid company can conclude a contract on

Preventive maintenance of a split system. Then do not have to risk their lives, leaning on a belt out of the window to clean the outer

Vacuum unit or cause climbers for its money. At the conclusion of the contract (and it includes a warranty repair),

Of course, have to pay a certain amount, but believe me, it’s worth it. By the way, we hasten to inform a nice detail: the company

“Meteomarket” that sells Japanese air conditioners “Daikin» (Daikin), after three years service contract

Free to replace your air conditioner to a new one. However, if you like the old machine – you can not change it for 20 years. Firm

Guarantee its smooth good job. Incidentally, in well-known building on Lubyanka conditioners “Daikin” (

Daikin) are from the time of “general secretary of corn,” Nikita Khrushchev, and still are functioning.

The outdoor unit should be regularly cleaned of dust and dirt. Particularly difficult period of the outdoor unit – the time of flowering poplars.

Pooh instant scoring filters, and air conditioning (if it is not immediately clean up) breaks down. Of course, you can clean the vacuum cleaner

If not afraid of heights. But it is better not to risk it and call the “rescue service air conditioning” – the company for service.

At temperatures below -15 ° C air conditioner may refuse to work “on heat”, and then need a low-temperature

Equipment (heat pump, compressor heater and even a heater drain pipe). By the way, in some models

These devices have already been laid

Learn mezhventsovyh insulation tape market

Modern building materials market offers the consumer a huge variety of insulators for wooden houses and

Baths. Often it is not so easy to make sense of this abundance of proposals, understand the difference between the materials, decide in their own

Needs. In this review we try to compare several types of insulation tape mezhventsovyh and

Conduct a rapid market analysis, identifying the key players producing the product.

We begin by defining the term mezhventsovy insulation – it’s cushioning, thermal insulation material used for

Insulation seams and openings of wooden walls, window and door frames, joints in prefabricated houses. According to builders, correct

Call it mezhventsovy seal.

Traditional types of insulation has long been considered mezhventsovogo moss, flax tow, wool felts. To deny them

Benefits would be foolish. However, on the market today there are more modern materials – the so-called band

Insulation made from natural fibers jute and flax. Undoubted advantages of tapes are the exception

Konopatki double and a reduction in construction time. These materials are intended to form a new view on warming

Wooden house. It is their consideration of what we are going.

A recognized leader in Consumer Choice in Russia among mezhventsovyh tape insulation is now

Insulation made of jute. Jute – a plant of lime, which is imported to us from India, Kazakhstan and China. Causes

Popularity of jute hiding in his unique qualities of fiber, which has the same strength as hemp. Jute distinguish

Good yarn quality and low hygroscopicity. That is at a relatively high humidity (80%), it

Contains only 20% moisture and remains dry to the touch.

However, on the market today there is no clear separation between the insulation of pure jute and jute felt that

Qualitatively different from its counterpart. Some companies have deliberately played on this misleads the consumer.

Choosing a heater, it must be remembered that the jute felt – a mixture of jute and flax production waste (fires) in

Ratio of 70% jute, 30% linen. Sometimes referred to as lnovatinom that is a mistake. Lnovatin does not contain even a jute

Small quantities.

Jute Felt has some serious disadvantages compared to a net jute. First, it kgnieniyu stability.

For this figure corresponds to the presence of jute fibers in a special polymer – the lignin (20-25%). That holds the lignin fibers

Cellulose in the wood and makes it waterproof. When you add flax, containing only 2% of lignin, a heater starts

Fear of moisture and dampness. Second, jute felt affected by moths, while net jute fell a little

Pest is not to your taste. Finally, the third, the bill, but not least, is the surface density of contrast material. In

Jute net – it’s 400, 600, 800 gr. On m2, jute mat – 250, 300 gr. Per m2, instead of the claimed 500g. Given

Rate significantly affects the uniformity and caking of insulation, as well as its air flow through the wall after installation.

Because of the low surface density of total isolation is not always possible to get.

Distinguish 100% jute can be in color. Jute cloth is usually colored a light brown (golden) color, and jute

Felt – in gray. In general, compared jute and jute felt ill. More correct in our view is

Comparison with jute felt lnovatinom who made the same way and comes in the form of tape, suitable

For immediate placement in the frame. Tape lnovatin (or evrolen) today strongly positioned in the market tape

Mezhventsovyh heaters. It is derived from flax, “dust” or “vytryaski” containing short fibers. These raw materials are produced in

Long process of cleaning fractions of flax, going to the weaving industry. By order lnovatin can handle different

Impregnation, but the material is environmentally friendly has no effect. Fire impregnations do not, so the material is flammable

(Glow, flares). The width of the lnovatin does not exceed 8-10 mm, but on the surface density comparable to that of jute 350, 500

Gr. Per m2. Lnovatin hard drilled (wound on a drill), but it’s extremely convenient when drilling pins. Cause

This deficiency lies in the structure of flax fiber, which is more rigid and elastic fibers than jute.

“Comfortable House” offers modern mezhventsovy insulation made from 100% jute own production 6mm thick, 10mm,

15mm wide by 50mm to 1600mm. A mixture of jute and flax (jute felt) made in the Leningrad region. Lnovatin produce

Almost throughout the country on flax left from Soviet times.

Wood and brick…?

Wooden houses are far more advantageously in all respects as before the brick or block buildings, and before the carcass

Cottages. This applies to all settings, whether it’s operating costs, environmental costs or the internal and external


First of all, the tree has a low bulk density. This figure is for dry wood is only 500 kg/m3, whereas

Unit weight of silica brick reaches 1700 kg/m3. This lightness of the material allows you to save money by laying

Base and transportation of prefabricated elements in-house construction. Wooden houses can be build on a relatively soft


Wall building kit is a wooden house for 3-5 weeks, helped supply kit homes

Ready directly at the construction site to be practiced today by our company. Wooden houses are highly constructive

Resistance. Thanks to the elastic compound with good durability to the pressure and tension, built of wood

Withstand significant deformations in the ground movements, earthquakes, temperature extremes.

Another undoubted advantage of the houses – they need less heat in comparison with the buildings

Made of brick and aerated concrete. Building elements of wooden houses, with equal thermal insulating characteristics,

Much inferior to the thickness of the stone. This index provides a significant gain in living space.

Wooden houses are heated much faster than brick and stone houses. Even if you come to a house in the middle of winter,

After only a few hours of heating temperature in all areas will be quite comfortable. To warm

Wooden walls are not falling condensate, which means that they will not develop mold and mildew, which often can be found at

Cold stone walls.

The advantages of wooden houses and cottages and is environmentally friendly. Due to the intense air originating

Through the micropores of wood in such houses always easy to breathe, can not be said of the buildings made of bricks and blocks. In addition,

Wood, especially the conifers, has its own indescribable flavor, a beneficial influence on


Initially, the high aesthetic qualities of wood makes all sorts of unnecessary additional processing and

Decorating. Wooden walls are beautiful in themselves, and be on that desire, you can safely leave them without a complex

Interior design.

Finally, it will dispel some fears about the fragility of the fire and wooden houses – nowadays they

Is absolutely wrong. With modern impregnation can easily provide effective protection of wood and

Fire, and from exposure to environmental factors, as well as to increase longevity and improve the operational characteristics


How do I remodel your bath

I’m sure many owners of summer cottages and gardens ever had, or still have, may face a choice:

Build a new bathhouse (which, of course, expensive) or try to somehow extend the existing one. Here’s how

Solved this problem by one of our readers.

Russian bath usually consists of changing (changing room), soap (washing) and steam rooms. The heat source is in the bath heater.

But very often combined with soapy steam room. This combination violates the healing process of cleansing the body in the bath.

I have to testify in a steam bath is also aligned with the soap. So I decided to make an addition to a porch 2×3 m,

Insulated with her since the winter I live in the city, and to make soap in the dressing room. The current structure of a bath – an old, roof

Asphalt shingles on the wooden floor. For several reasons, from the end of an addition to make bath was impossible. To perform this

In the usual way, would dismantle the existing asphalt roof shingles and remove.

Demolition of the roof would have been uneconomical. In addition, ground cover beds and baths around clogged to lots of garbage.

I had to find another solution that minimally affect the existing roof would have a bath. After deliberation the decision

Appeared. It consisted of the following: the existing roof ridge by extension, on both sides of the rafters are made

Hole (in my case 12h6 cm). They inserted sticks, pads 10×5 cm, length about 1.2 m. One end caps

Nailed to the existing rafters and other produced at the length needed to create the slope

Extension, porch. Between the bars, beam-plates installed base section 10hN cm, where «N» is equal to the diameter

Existing rafters. Ridge of the rafter extension is placed on the beam-pillar and fixed bars, plates. Lower

Part of the new rafters are based on the framework constructed terraces, changing rooms. To the end rafters are attached bars, plates

Only one – interior – side.

As the foundation for an addition, I used concrete blocks 40h20h15 cm, laid on a sandy base. The top rack on

Outer row on the veranda made 30 cm below the walls of baths, new roof slope that turned out to be the same as the roof pitch itself

Bath. In this case, the ceiling configuration and extension became more ductile, because angles are always uncomfortable. The ceiling is easier

Just make fiberboard, and the part that comes with a bias toward the outer wall – out of the wagon.

Existing in the side door bath on the inside I closed the hook. It did not score, as it may

Need to replace the thermal unit, whose design is different – not only in the form of the shell and the barrel with stones. For

Entrance to the bathhouse by extension, porch increased vertical window opening and set the box to the door.

On the veranda fashioned beach chair to relax, put the table and benches. Now you can invite your guests and children not only

Steam, but also combine a bath with a cup of tea.

To make it bright and warm, I added a porch on the south side of the bath. On a sunny day, it attracts more to leisure than

The house itself. The new family home is always nice.

True, at first I feared that the implementation of this scheme will require major expenditures. In fact, it turned out that almost all

I was able to carry out the reconstruction of the materials were in use: the boards and planks left over from the dismantling of old


It turned out quite well – as in the lounge on the boat. In general, do yourself a holiday and an old bath-house was a new and

Cozy – with an extension, a porch, cloakroom.


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